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Online study courses allow you to learn from anywhere in the world. Studying online with open university courses is quickly becoming the future of education.


From the comfort of your own home or while holidaying in South East Asia, Online Study Courses give you the flexibility to do it all. You don’t need to go to any schools to take the course. Some people supplement a brick and mortar education with an online course.


How does online study compare to a regular University?

While flexible, undertaking an online course requires more discipline from a student. Studying online is a different experience for every course. Courses can vary enormously from one program to another, and from discipline to discipline. You might be working completely online, which means that nearly all your resources will be delivered to you via the Internet, and communication will be online: you could be discussing issues, completing quizzes, and listening to lectures online. Alternatively, you could be working with a combination of print, audio and web-based materials, and communication might be both online and in the classroom. That is, you might still have to attend traditional lectures, tutorials and pracs each week. If you are a distance student, you may have to attend an on-campus session once or twice a semester. Every online study course is different, but one thing all Open University Courses share is that they are extremely flexible!

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